No sound

Check that the plugin is looking for the samples in the right location. You can do this in the Engine tab of the plugin’s settings screen. If the location is wrong you can redirect the plugin by clicking the Change sample folder location button.

The first time you launched the plugin you should have been prompted to either install the samples or locate them on your system. If you chose to locate rather than install the plugin will not function correctly. You’ll need to remove the plugin’s configuration files, relaunch the plugin, and the prompt to install the samples will reappear.

Please refer to the installation guide for more details.

GUI is too big

You can choose to scale the GUI up or down in the Engine section of the settings screen.

Hanging notes

If you find a situation that triggers hanging notes there is probably a sneaky bug in the script which I have missed. Legato scripting is the place where such bugs are often found hiding and I would not be surprised if some edge cases bring them to the surface.

Please create a MIDI file, as short and simple as possible, that consistently triggers the hanging notes. Send this to me attached to a support ticket along with other useful information such as the name of the plugin, the plugin version, the DAW you’re using, your operating system, the OS version, if possible a small mp3 file that demonstrates the issue, and anything else you think is relevant.

Why is the installer version different to the sample version?

Sample libraries consist of two main components: the samples, and the software engine that controls the samples.

The installer file contains just the software part. When updates, fixes, or new features are added to the software it is only necessary to upgrade the installer file. The new installer will be given a new version number while the samples are left unchanged. You can see which version of the software you are using by going to the About tab of the plugin’s settings screen.

Sometimes changes are made to the samples, such as fixing noise, correcting tuning, or adding additional sample content. When this happens a new set of sample files will be created and these will receive a new version number.

You’ll be notified by email (assuming you haven’t opted out) when an update is issued. You’ll be able to log into your account and download the new files. The update email will let you know if it’s the software, the samples, or both that have been updated. You can also keep track of updates for each product by looking at the Version History tab on the product’s store page.

Will you be producing more scripting tutorials?

Yes, in fact I already am.

Each month I produce one detailed tutorial video covering some aspect of sample library production, including scripting.

These are first made available to my supporters at Patreon and some months later make their way to YouTube. If you’d like to get early access to these detailed videos, plus lots of shorter tutorials, articles, code snippets, and behind the scenes info please support my Patreon page.

Will you create a sample library for me?

I am interested in partnerships with developers or audio engineers to create freedom respecting virtual instruments that will be Libre Wave branded. These will be released under the GNU GPL with the samples under an appropriate free license.

Do you have any vacancies?

I often collaborate with other musicians, developers, and graphics designers but I choose who I work with very carefully. Please don’t send me CV’s, website links, or career enquiries unless I put out a call for them.

Do you allow resale?

The short answer is yes.

Libre Wave software is released under the GNU GPL giving you the freedom to resell and distribute your copy of the software or modified versions if you make any. The audio files/samples are released under a non-commercial license so technically you can’t sell these. However you may give them to another individual. The non-commercial clause is included to prevent commercial mass redistribution of the unmodified audio files.

Please read the full license that came with the software to find out all of the small details.

If you’d like to transfer a product entirely from your Libre Wave account to another user, including download links and future updates, please provide me with their name and email address, and specify the product you are transferring. I’ll set up a Libre Wave account for the new user if they don’t already have one and transfer the product from your account to theirs.

If you need further information please contact me.

Do I need any additional software to use Libre Wave products?

Every product has a section labelled System Requirements on its store page. Please view this for the product you are interested in to see what additional software (if any) is required to run it.

In general Libre Wave products are available either as Rhapsody player instruments or as independent VSTi, VST plugins, or their AU equivalents, that do not need a separate player application to function. They do however require a plugin host application such as a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). In my opinion the best libre DAWs available are Qtractor and Ardour.

Do you support AAX format?

Libre Wave plugins are not available in AVID’s proprietary AAX format.
However, you can still use Libre Wave plugins in an external host such as Carla or Vienna Ensemble Pro.