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The dulcimer has been played around the world for millennia. It’s an instrument that comes in many varieties, each of which has been shaped accordingly by the culture in which it developed.

The samples in Dulcius were performed and recorded by musician Nuno Silva. The library currently includes one instrument, a Persian Santur, however we will be expanding it with more instruments very soon. The additional instruments will be available as a free upgrade for existing customers.

7 Articulations

Infinite Variation Engine

Mallet Padding Control

5.2GB Uncompressed Samples

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6 recorded articulations.

Endless variety and ornaments through your performance.

Up to 2x recorded round robin + infinite variation engine.

1118 @ 24/48 5.2GB uncompressed samples.

3 phase-aligned dynamic layers

Mallet padding control

Vector based interface with Hi-DPI support.

M1 native support

About the Library

The first instrument in this collection is a Persian Santur, one of oldest types of dulcimer. We recorded this library playing a variety of articulations. The samples were then mapped and scripted in such a way as to make it easy to perform the instrument with a MIDI keyboard.

The final result is a virtual instrument that is just as enjoyable to play as the real thing.

The articulations we recorded give you everything you need to craft a highly realistic performance. Including longs, damped, strike and mute, harmonics, dorab, and rizz.

All of the articulations, with the exception of the harmonics and damped, have been sampled at three dynamic levels. These can be controlled using note on velocity. In addition the rizz (tremolo) articulation can be dynamically crossfaded using a continuous controller.

With the exception of rizz, all the articulations include two round robin repetition samples. This is coupled with a scripted repetition engine to produce endless variations of each note.

Early Bird Offer

We will be adding more dulcimers to this collection. With each new instrument the price of the collection will increase. If you buy now you will receive the new instruments as a free upgrade.

System Requirements

GNU/Linux (Ubuntu 16.0 or later)

Windows 7 or later

MacOS 10.14 or later

Build for your OS from source

Rhapsody player

AAX (Pro-Tools) is not supported




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