Emerald Flute


This library runs in the free Rhapsody player, which you can download here.

The Irish flute is a type of transverse flute. It is often played in traditional Irish music ensembles along with other instruments such as the bodhran, guitar, and fiddle. It has a unique and distinctive sound that is characterized by its bright and clear tone

The history of the Irish flute can be traced back to the 19th century. It was initially played as an alternative to the tin whistle, which was and still is a popular instrument among Irish musicians.





  • 9 recorded articulations.
  • Endless variety and ornaments through your performance.
  • Up to 4x recorded round robin + infinite variation engine.
  • Playable legato, trills, and portamento
  • Up to 3 phase-aligned dynamic layers
  • Dynamic vibrato control
  • Vector based interface with Hi-DPI support.
  • Low CPU and RAM usage
  • M1 native support

About the Library

The samples for Emerald Flute were recorded in a small studio to produce a dry, non-reverberant, sound. This makes it easier to incorporate the instrument into a virtual mix alongside other sample libraries.

The instrument includes a special “performance” articulation that interprets your playing to generate realistic legato transitions, trills, attacks, ornaments, and glides.

System Requirements

GNU/Linux (Ubuntu 16.0 or later)

Windows 7 or later

MacOS 11.0 or later

Build for your OS from source

Runs in the free Rhapsody player

Host must support VST3 or AU

AAX (Pro-Tools) is not supported





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