Bell & Bone


Overview by A Joe-Blog Composer

Welcome to the jazz age

Step into the enchanting world of Bell & Bone, a meticulously crafted sample library that beckons composers to embark on a sonic journey through the timeless allure of the classic jazz age.

Immerse yourself in the soulful echoes of a trumpet and trombone, each instrument exquisitely captured to evoke the emotive richness of a bygone era.

Bell & Bone sets a new standard for free sample libraries, providing a seamless and powerful tool for musical expression.

What our users say

“I cannot believe this is free. It’s gonna be the best free trumpet/trombone no contest. The mute options are great!

Composing Gloves

“A fine instrument: intimate, detailed and full of character.”

James Dowsett

“Rhapsody is very polished and fun to use. I recommend it highly, and the Libre Wave libraries are truly very good indeed.”

Geoff Beasley

With some reverb (and turning the vibrato amount down), this trumpet can fit right at home in a brass chorale arrangement. And the options for bucket, cup, and harmon mutes is a nice set of colors!!

Justin Bell

Built for professionals

Bell & Bone is a meticulously crafted sample library tailored for discerning composers seeking precision in their work.

Boasting high quality without compromising efficiency, this resource-light library caters to the demands of modern composers.

It can adapt effortlessly to various genres, ensuring a fast and versatile experience for professionals who prioritize both quality and practicality.

Guy Michelmore with Bell & Bone

Intuitive Interface

Navigating through the library is a breeze, thanks to the user-friendly design. However, beneath the surface lies a wealth of capabilities, empowering you to shape your sounds with precision.

Experience nuanced control with independent velocity and envelope options for each articulation. Achieve smooth crescendos with phase-aligned dynamics, and personalize your performance with adjustable vibrato, growl, and flutter.

The MIDI learn function simplifies automation – just right-click to control knobs and sliders. Save and recall configurations effortlessly with the built-in preset system, enhancing your workflow.

For an authentic jazz touch, explore the four mute variations (unmuted, bucket, cup, and harmon). Bell & Bone strikes the perfect balance, offering simplicity for beginners and sophistication for seasoned musicians.

Why you’ll love Bell & Bone


Choose from unmuted, bucket, cup, or harmon for that authentic jazz vibe.


Up to 7 idiomatic articulations including shakes, rips, falls, and doits.


The instruments adapt to your playing in real-time. Allowing you to effortlessly perform legato, trills, and slides.


The library includes an optional lazy load feature to minimize RAM usage.


The velocity curve and AHDSR envelope can be set independently for each articulation.


Bell & Bone includes dynamic growl and flutter controls to give your music that extra jazzy grit.

System Requirements

GNU/Linux (Ubuntu 16.0 or later)
Windows 7 or later
MacOS 10.14 or later
Runs in the free Rhapsody player

Host must support VST3 or AU
AAX (Pro-Tools) is not supported
Apple silicon native


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