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Sordina is an instrument mute emulator.  It allows you to apply a wide range of mutes to your unmuted virtual instruments or live recordings.

Sordina works by using detailed impulse responses created through the analysis of real-world recordings of muted and un-muted instruments. The results are very accurate reproductions of the genuine mutes.

Here is a recording of a trombone without a mute.

Here’s an A/B comparison of the same instrument playing with a real bucket mute and the original unmuted recording being processed by Sordina’s bucket mute emulator.

Here’s another A/B comparison of a real mute and one of Sordina’s virtual mutes. This time it’s a cup mute. Again Sordina is processing the original unmuted recording.

Easy to use

Sordina mute emulator main interface

Sordina has a clean, easy to use interface that helps you get started really quickly. Simply place the plugin on an instrument track, select a mute, and tweak the volume. For more detailed control over the sound there is a built-in filter and mix control knob.

The on screen meters and FFT analyser provide a real-time picture of how Sordina is colouring the incoming audio.

Wah Wah

Mutes such as the trumpet’s harmon and plunger include a playable wah-wah control. When a compatible mute is selected the on-screen Wah knob is activated and can be controlled in real-time using host automation.


Sordina contains over 120 different brass and saxophone mutes. All of these have been carefully organised into a three tier preset browser. It’s easy to find the mute you are looking for by navigating the menus or using the built in text search. You can also mark your favourite mutes to make it even quicker to find them.


French Horn

CupHumes & Berg Stonelined
PracticeHumes & Berg Sh Sh
StopHumes & Berg Stonelined
StraightHumes & Berg PhilharmonicHumes & Berg StonelinedThe Warburton Tunable

Piccolo Trumpet

CupTom Crown Aluminium
HarmonTom Crown: Stem In/Out
PracticeJo Ral AluminiumTom Crown Aluminium
StraightDenis Wick AluminiumJo Ral Brass BottomWallace Aluminium

Trumpet & Cornet

BucketHumes & Berg StonelinedJo Ral Brass Bottom
CupDenis Wick Adjustable 1Denis Wick Adjustable 2Humes & Berg Cup 1Humes & Berg Cup 2Jo Ral TriTone
HarmonDenis Wick: Stem In/OutHumes & Berg: Stem In/OutJo Ral Bubble: Stem In/OutTom Crown: Stem In/Out
MiscFeltHumes & Berg PixiePlunger 1Plunger 2Plunger 3
PracticeBremner SshhDenis Wick AluminiumHumes & Berg Mel-O-WahMute Tube
StraightDenis Wick AluminiumDenis Wick PianissimoJo Ral Brass BottomJo Ral PlasticLeblanc AluminiumPro Tec FiberTom Crown AluminiumAlessi Vacchiano


BucketHumes & Berg Velvet Tone
CupHumes & Berg Stonelined
PracticeHumes & Berg AluminiumHumes & Berg Sh ShHumes & Berg Stonelined
StraightHumes & Berg AluminiumHumes & Berg Stonelined


BucketHumes & Berg BucketHumes & Berg Velvet ToneJo Ral Aluminium
CupHumes & Berg Mic-A-MuteHumes & Berg Cup 1Humes & Berg Cup 2Jo Ral AluminiumDenis Wick Cup
HarmonHumes & Berg Wa-Wah: Stem In/OutJo Ral Bubble: Stem In/Out
MiscBuzzHumes & Berg CleartoneHumes & Berg Derby HatHumes & Berg PixiePlunger 1Plunger 2Solotone
PracticeHumes & Berg Sh ShLiberty Practice
StraightHumes & Berg StonelinedJo Ral Brass BottomSouloAlessi VacchianoTom Crown Straight

Bass Trombone

BucketHumes & Berg Velvet ToneJo Ral Aluminium
CupDenis Wick AluminiumHumes & Berg Mic-A-MuteJo Ral Aluminium
HarmonHumes & Berg Wa-WahJo Ral Bubble: Stem In/Out
PracticeHumes & Berg Sh Sh
StraightDenis Wick AluminiumHumes & Berg StonelinedJo Ral Brass Bottom


PracticeDenis Wick Aluminium
StraightHumes & Berg StonelinedJo Ral Aluminium


StraightHumes & Berg StonelinedJo Ral Aluminium


PracticeE-Sax WhisperMMDSax Mute One


  • Compatible with all modern operating systems
  • Host must support VSTi or AU plugins. Pro-Tools is not supported.
  • Sordina is incompatible with Sibelius at the moment (will be resolved in a future update), so don’t buy it if you want to use it within Sibelius now.
  • 100MB HDD Space
  • 256MB RAM



Does Sordina work inside Sibelius?

Partially… for an unknown reason only some of the mutes work in Sibelius. This is an issue I’m working to resolve.

Does Sordina work with Pro-Tools?

No. Pro-Tools doesn’t support the VST plugin format.

Update History

  • v1.0.0 – 04/08/2019
    • Initial release
  • v1.0.2 – 12/12/2020
    • Changed VST plugin category to FX.
    • Added VST3 version for Windows and MacOS
    • Added support for MacOS Catalina


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