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Ancient Echoes

Osiris is a simsimiyya sample library. The simsimiyya is a traditional lyre that has a long history in Egypt, dating back to ancient times.

It is particularly associated with the religious traditions of the Sinai Peninsula. It is often used in religious ceremonies and celebrations, as well as in secular music, and it is known for its ability to create a hypnotic, trance-like atmosphere.

Walkthrough & Review by A Joe-Blog Composer

Egypt’s Musical Heritage

The simsimiyya is traditionally made from wood, with a resonating body that is typically covered in animal skin. The strings are made from nylon or gut and are played by plucking with the fingers or picking them with a plectrum.

In recent years, there has been a resurgence of interest in the simsimiyya, both within Egypt and around the world. It is increasingly being used in contemporary music, and there are many musicians dedicated to preserving and promoting this important aspect of Egypt’s cultural heritage.

Audio Demos


The instrument includes both plucked and picked sample sets, tremolo, ebow drone recordings, and a selection of percussive hits. Additional articulations provide layered combinations of the main sample sets. For example there is picked + ebow, tremolo + ebow, plucked + tremolo, etc.

Both the plucked and picked articulations feature a pitch bend variation that is triggered automatically by playing at a high MIDI velocity.

There is a dedicated retrigger key-switch that provides an easy way to play double notes or tremolo in real time.

Round Robin & Dynamics

The plucked articulation includes twelve round robin repetitions per note, while the picked articulation has six. Both articulations were sampled at three dynamic levels which are triggered by MIDI velocity.

Playable Maqams

Osiris is one of the few sample libraries available that gives you playable maqams (Middle Eastern modes). Its unique system lets you use key-switches or an on screen dial to switch between pre-programmed maqams.

The on-screen keyboard will update to show you which notes are playable in your selection and which note play a quarter tone lower.

There is also a key-switch that can will pitch down the next note played by a quarter tone. Allowing you to play your own authenticate Arabian scales on the fly.

You can read more about maqams in detail at maqamworld or click play to hear examples of the most commonly used maqams.

Top Features


9 articulations, including ornaments, ebow drones, and tremolo.


Osiris includes up to 12 round robin repetition recordings per note.


Choose from 11 playable maqams (Arabic scales) to give your music an authentic flavour.

System Requirements

GNU/Linux (Ubuntu 16.0+)
Windows 7+
MacOS 10.14+ (Apple Silicon native)
Runs in the free Rhapsody player

Host must support 64bit VST3 or AU
AAX (Pro-Tools) is not supported


A sample library is a virtual musical instrument.

They are created by recording 1000s of individual notes on a real instrument. These recordings are then chopped up into individual files, called samples, and mapped in software so that they can be triggered using MIDI.
OS: Debian 9+, Windows 7+, MacOS 10.14+
Disk Space: 700MB
Osiris runs within the free Rhapsody player, which is Apple silicon native.
Yes absolutely! For full details please see the software license.
Yes, but FL Studio is a fickle beast that occasionally brings up unique issues.

If you run into any problems using this library (or any others) in FL Studio there are two things you can try straight away.

Firstly, make sure you are using an audio buffer size that is a power of two: 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, etc.

Secondly, enable FL Studio’s align tick lengths option. You can find this in Options > Audio Settings > CPU > Align Tick Lengths.

If you’re still having problems with Osiris in FL Studio please open a support ticket and we’ll do what we can to get you up and running.
Osiris runs within Libre Wave’s open source sample library player, Rhapsody.

Simply download and install Rhapsody. Launch the standalone version of the app, and log in. From there you’ll be able to view, download, and install your products.

Rhapsody is an innovative modern sampler including features such as multi-mic routing, purge until played, dynamic crossfading, and user presets.
No and it probably never will. The AVID SDK and DRM is not compatible with Libre Wave’s software license.

It is still possible to use the instrument with Pro Tools by running Rhapsody in an external host or using a wrapper such as Meta Plugin.


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