Kazbek Winds


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Mount Kazbek sits on the edge of Georgia where this sample library was recorded by local musicians. Kazbek includes two traditional Georgian/Armenian wind instruments: the Duduk and the Salamuri.




Kazbek is a primarily a performance library. All kinds of expressions and articulations can be generated through natural performance using just a keyboard and a few controllers. There are also some handy features to make it even easier and more comfortable for a keyboard player.


Legato transitions are triggered automatically as you play. The duration, crossfade, and pitch variation is calculated in real-time so that you don’t have to change your playing style to suit the instrument, instead the instrument adapts to you.


Kazbek includes a build in retrigger control that allows you to perform trills of any tempo, duration, or length. Just hold down one key while repeatedly pressing and releasing another.


Using a combination of continuous controllers or host automation you can control the intensity and speed of vibrato in real-time. An interactive XY pad is also included, this is especially helpful when using a touch screen interface.

Breath Control

A dedicated breath controller mode is included to make performance even easier. When enabled no notes will sound unless air pressure is applied to the dynamics controller. When the breath control pressure drops too low all playing notes will be turned off.


The naturalistic performance controls make it easy to perform many kinds of ornament. But sometimes it’s faster and easier to use a pre-recorded sample.

Both the Duduk and Salamuri instruments include a selection of common ornaments. These are places outside of the usual playable range of the instrument so that they can be quickly accessed without the need for key switching.