Hello I’m David Healey. I create virtual instruments and audio effects that respect you.

A very brief history

I started creating my own sample libraries in 2008 and a couple of years later began making them available to the public. Since then I’ve worked on hundreds of virtual instrument projects for a variety of developers.

In 2016 a sampling engine called HISE became a viable alternative to the industry standard software samplers. For the first time it was possible to create a non-proprietary virtual instrument that would meet the needs of professional composers. I’ve worked exclusively with HISE for my own sampling projects since.

Free as in freedom.

Libre means free, as in freedom or liberty. Freedom means having control of the activities you do in your life. When those activities involve the use of a computer program then you must be in control of that program.

A program is described as free software or libre when it respects your freedom. These essential freedoms put you in control of the program and prevent the developer of the program controlling you. A program that doesn’t respect its user’s freedom is known as proprietary software. Click here to learn about the negative impact of proprietary software.

If you want to be in control of your computing and you value your digital liberty then using libre software whenever you can is vital. For this reason all of the software I make available on this website is libre software.

It’s important not to confuse freeware (software that costs nothing) with “free software”.

The Libre Wave way

Creating a sample library is a lot of work. It takes considerable time, expense, and skill. When done properly the end result is both a functional tool and a work of art.

Most free software sample libraries have limited features and sound quality compared to proprietary alternatives. As a composer and free software advocate I’ve struggled to find professional grade virtual instruments and effects that support my ethical views. Those that do exist are usually cut down versions of larger libraries or rely on public domain sample content. They rarely have the quality or consistency of purpose recorded samples.

I build my libraries primarily for my own use, as such my criteria for each project is quite specific and I aim to achieve a high standard. I don’t cut corners, I write my own code, and I like to be as hands-on as possible with the recording and editing.

I can’t do all of this alone however. I collaborate with the best musicians, recording engineers, and graphic designers for each project. Everyone involved is dedicated to their contribution and together we create something professional, beautiful, and a joy to work with.

While playability is paramount when I’m producing a mockup I know others prefer to craft their performance in the MIDI editor. So I try to accommodate different workflows when designing my instruments.

I hope the software I offer on this site will improve your access to high quality freedom respecting virtual instruments and encourage the discussion and development of more free software music tools.

Please explore the website and visit the Knowledge Base for more information.